Thoughts for today πŸ’š Hari Om

When we are in the darkest of our days, we open our hearts and might feel emotions like fear anxiety or pain. But we opened … and this is the moment where love and grace enters you. Allow yourself to open, and feel the fear and emotions this global situation might bring to you. When we dig for gold, we first have to go through a lot of layers of mud and dirt. But in the end we can see it is all so beautiful.
When you feel fearful and disconnected: quiet your mind, cease activities, pull yourself out of the illusion of the day and the world. Go back in and feel. Feel how nothing can harm the real you. Things are happening in the outside world, but your true nature will always remain eternal and the same.
Things can seem fearful or feel different at first, but not to your heart and to your soul. We’ve heard these kind of words already so many times. Just hearing them didn’t bring us anywhere. Now it is time to experience them.
Try to see the one loving energy all around you. Feel how you are living in her womb, forever safe. See the loving one all around you, in every person’s eyes, even in your enemies. Try to feel the suffering that person has to go through and find that place inside that person where you can find yourself; love. Let’s take care of each other in this global situation and spread our inner lights.
Hari Om Tat Sat

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  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful thoughts. I miss you and your wonderful classes my friend ❀️

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