Due to the newly instated mask mandates requiring masks be worn while exercising, all group classes are cancelled until further notice. Om Sweet OM feels the potential negative health implications of physical exertion with restricted breathing ability is unsafe. Please watch for Zoom classes and Facebook LIVE classes on the OM Sweet Om Facebook Page. Stay Safe and Healthy dear friends.

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Be Good to Yourself.


The Om Sweet Om Yoga & Fitness studio offers group classes for various levels, as well as limited edition special events and private sessions.

The mind is the king of senses, but the breath is the king of the mind.

– Hatha Yoga Pradipka

  • Hatha Yoga – What is it ?
    Hatha Yoga – What is it ??? Something I wrote on the bigger picture of Hatha Yoga . As usual I wrote it without intention of sharing so disregard any typo, grammatical errors .etc…Thought some of you may like to see my viewpoint on the bigger picture of the practice of Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga = Physical yoga – Covers all things about our physical life – prepares our bodies and mind for life . We have built many conveniences in life . These things allow us to live with more physical ease . These are good to have ,Continue reading “Hatha Yoga – What is it ?”
  • The Intellect- What is it ? Something I wrote when thinking about our intellectual minds …
    In our culture the intellect is everything Doctors, lawyers, businessmen – we seem to push the intellect in the direction of a fat paycheck . In reality our intellect reaches far beyond getting a degree . It is our creative tool. If used correctly this intellect takes the ambition of the soul and brings it to fruition in this world . Everything we have created that exists in this world exists first as a thought . A building exists in the mind of the builder , our food begins in the mind of a farmer . This is true ofContinue reading “The Intellect- What is it ? Something I wrote when thinking about our intellectual minds …”
  • In regard to the last message ..
    To clarify / I will need your email address , not your home address . Sorry for any confusion ✌️
  • In preparation to reopen
    Hello all ! Gosh I’ve missed our studio time . In preparing to reopen I am asking those of you who are interested in classes and other studio info to email me your email address . If you have already done so , then you are already on the email list and do not need to do anything . If you are signed up to receive the blogs you are not necessarily on the master email list , so I will need your email address I will be sending out the plan to register for classes in anticipation of thereContinue reading “In preparation to reopen”
  • Thoughts for today 💚 Hari Om
    When we are in the darkest of our days, we open our hearts and might feel emotions like fear anxiety or pain. But we opened … and this is the moment where love and grace enters you. Allow yourself to open, and feel the fear and emotions this global situation might bring to you. When we dig for gold, we first have to go through a lot of layers of mud and dirt. But in the end we can see it is all so beautiful. When you feel fearful and disconnected: quiet your mind, cease activities, pull yourself out ofContinue reading “Thoughts for today 💚 Hari Om”