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The mind is the king of senses, but the breath is the king of the mind.

– Hatha Yoga Pradipka

  • Yoga is Freedom
    Yoga is freedom  I’m often asked the question – “What kind of yoga do you do ? ” You think this would be simple question to answer , right?? It usually tempts me to go deeper than the expected answers of Ashtanga , Vinyasa , Hatha .. Etc and even deeper than the actual types of yoga such as Rajas, Karma , Jnana.. Etc… I ponder whether the person asking the question wants the real answer or are they looking for the style of physical forms I prefer to take while “I do” yoga. I usually answer vaguely and giveContinue reading “Yoga is Freedom”
  • What is it to live in the state of Yoga ??
    If a yogi is the one who lives in a cottage at the bank of a river, then why cannot a turtle be a great yogi, who lives always at the bank of a river? If a yogi is the one who eats very little and only plants, then why cannot a deer be a great yogi? These are not the things that make one a yogi. In fact, even your busdriver can be like Buddha. Yoga is related to renunciation. What is understood as renunciation is to leave one’s house, give away all posessions and continue life with justContinue reading “What is it to live in the state of Yoga ??”
  • Purpose of Duality ? There must be a reason we feel separate right ?? Why , what is the value ?
    Purpose of duality ?? What is it ? There must be a purpose for us to all feel separate right ?? Why ?? The subject-object relationship is an important concept in yoga and tantra. Most people live in accordance with the subject-object perspective of duality without ever realizing that there is any other way of viewing life. However, in yoga we are very careful about making this distinction, because the ability is there to perceive the unity behind the diversity. Although the yogi understands the absolute truth, he also accepts the relative truth of the subject-object relationship and the purposeContinue reading “Purpose of Duality ? There must be a reason we feel separate right ?? Why , what is the value ?”
  • What’s this all about ??
    When we begin to see ourselves as a soul having a human experience we can begin to accept all earthly things and experiences without needing for them to be any different than they are . Knowing for a reason, unseen by us at the time, that all is exactly as it should be for us to achieve this growth . We are on this earth to simply experience and grow within .All while greatly respecting The Whole (= that ) When we meet someone and recognize them as an “old soul” what we are saying is that they have wisdomContinue reading “What’s this all about ??”
  • Hatha Yoga – What is it ?
    Hatha Yoga – What is it ??? Something I wrote on the bigger picture of Hatha Yoga . As usual I wrote it without intention of sharing so disregard any typo, grammatical errors .etc…Thought some of you may like to see my viewpoint on the bigger picture of the practice of Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga = Physical yoga – Covers all things about our physical life – prepares our bodies and mind for life . We have built many conveniences in life . These things allow us to live with more physical ease . These are good to have ,Continue reading “Hatha Yoga – What is it ?”