About the Owner

Nicole Depauw
Owner & Instructor of OM Sweet OM Yoga and Fitness studio

Nicole has 25 years of experience as a fitness instructor, has extensively studied yoga and meditation (500+ hours), holds a BS degree in Exercise Science and is currently working on her masters degree in Kinesiology.

Nicole has studied all aspects of fitness and wellness, is a certified fitness trainer (1 year program) and holds training certificates in Golf Fitness, Spinning, Pilates, Senior Wellness, Performance Nutrition, Yoga, Kickboxing and Cross Fit.

Her journey into the yoga practice started over 10 years ago, when she quietly attended a few classes and private sessions. She signed up for Yoga Teacher Training, that was cancelled multiple times due to lack of participants. Now what, she thought? Did she have to go to India to make this goal happen?

In fact, she did just that! Nicole bravely embarked on a journey to India for the most authentic 5 week course one can hope to experience at Rishikesh Yog Peeth. The instructors, Arvind Gusain, Narnendra Gusain and Roshan Singh were fabulous, amazing and forever changed her life.

The impact was so great, she returned 18 months later to further train at Anadi Yoga Centre with instructors Arvind Gusain, Narnendra Gusain, Jitrendra Gusain and Guru Nalin Sharma, a philosophy teacher .

In November 2019, Nicole returned a third time for 5 weeks. During this visit, she studied solo at the Swami Vivekananda School of Yoga and Meditation.

In March 2022, Nicole spent 5 weeks at the Himilayan Iyengar Yoga Center in Dharamkot, India. During this visit, she studied under the renowned Guru and long time personal assistant to B.K.S. Iyengar, Sharat Arora.

By now you can guess, this isn’t your typical fitness and yoga studio or your typical instructor. This is not only a career, but a passion for Nicole. She believes in all aspects of wellness, finding each aspect an important factor in overall well being. She loves sharing all that she has learned over the years, with everyone that visits the Om Sweet Om Fitness and Yoga studio.

The Om Sweet Om Fitness and Yoga studio currently specializes in Yoga, Golf Fitness, Functional Fitness, Postural Alignment and Senior Fitness. All instruction at Om Sweet Om has an element of importance in understanding the body. This understanding allows your fitness practice to safely and effectively work with your body type, varied goals, injuries, illness, etc.

“We all continue to expand and grow stronger each year. I am forever grateful to the people who helped me, along the way, in my journey. I’d love to guide you along your journey. I certainly hope to meet you soon!”
— Hari Om, Nicole Depauw

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