Straighten Up Postural Alignment

All levels welcome. Please bring a mat. 
Also known as “Pre-Hab”, this class is designed to allow for proper alignment of the body . We move all the joints and muscles in a way to encourage the alignment our bodies are intended to have . Years of sitting , slouching , turning or reaching in one direction more than the other or by simply having a weak or inflexible area of the body will indeed change the alignment of our bodies . This imbalance will cause us pain and uneven wearing of the joints . This class  discovers and addresses those areas . We then preform corrective exercises to rediscover proper alignment and posture to live  a more pain free life. Most exercises are done in chair . This class is excellent for ALL people , from the elite athlete trying to stay injury free to the aging individual who simply wants to live and move comfortably.

Interested in Group Classes, Private Classes, Special Events or just have questions?

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