The Intellect- What is it ? Something I wrote when thinking about our intellectual minds …

In our culture the intellect is everything
Doctors, lawyers, businessmen – we seem to push the intellect in the direction of a fat paycheck .
In reality our intellect reaches far beyond getting a degree . It is our creative tool. If used correctly this intellect takes the ambition of the soul and brings it to fruition in this world .
Everything we have created that exists in this world exists first as a thought . A building exists in the mind of the builder , our food begins in the mind of a farmer . This is true of the government, a business, a song, a painting , a book , a golf shot, a dance ….
Every action began as a thought . These thoughts create actions that move us through our life toward the fulfillment of our being .

The most important thing to know on about our intellect is that YOU CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS.
We not only create “things” , we create the view we have of the world around us . We have the incredible gift of the mind to create our reality both in a material aspect as well as our perception of life in general .

Go for a walk someday ( how about today ) just watch your thoughts . Where does your mind wander ?? Is it too hot or too cold outside ? Do you analyze the landscape as you go ? Do you criticize the people you pass ? Do you mentally leave the walk and leap ahead on to what you are going to do in the next hour or next week?
In meditation we are not taught so much to empty our minds but instead to watch our thoughts without passion or judgment just simply observe them . Staying in the moment not allowing the thoughts to take us away from the present moment .

We must practice being fully present with all our attention on whatever it is we are doing . No matter how big or how small . Be fully aware and fully present in this moment

We become our thoughts . Our minds create our view of the world around us . 
Everyday when you roll out of bed you get to choose what you are going to think about today . No matter how rainy it is outside , no matter how rude people are to you , no matter how much work you have ahead of you , no matter how poor you are today , no matter what barriers lie before you , you get to choose how you are going to think about every step of it . 

The secret of happiness depends far less on what you have or what happens to you ,then on how you think about it . 

The quality of our lives equals the quality of our thoughts . This is the true power of the intellect . It expands so far beyond storing and processing useful information . We see the world through our mind. How powerful is that ?

7 thoughts on “The Intellect- What is it ? Something I wrote when thinking about our intellectual minds …

  1. Thank you Nicole. Always good to refresh my memory as sometimes I wander off into dark thoughts. The crazy times we are living in is distracting, but I’ll try to be present in every moment. 🤗💋

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Nicole! I really needed this message today. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Thoughts are complicated. They come on unexpectedly sometimes, triggered by a sight of sound, almost like an involuntary response. I hVe had some success in suppressing a thought of ignoring it. Sometimes that is what I need to do. Sometimes I feel like I need to let my thought be and try to figure it out. I never know what the day is going to bring, especially now. There are things I do to get through the day and things I truly enjoy doing. My thoughts are always there. I try to keep them positive or, at least constructive. Thanks, Nicole, for your wisdom and guidance. It helps.

    1. Hello ! Yes I understand what you are saying for sure . Remember it’s our choice how much we “attach” ourselves to the thought . Can we see it for what it is , a simple fluctuation of the mind and that it doesn’t change “the whole “ meaning the soul or even the mind itself . It’s like a ripple in a pond . The pond hasn’t changed . When we can have a good healthy relationship with our thoughts , we are on the path of self awareness and a having peaceful existence with the mind . I enjoy watching (observing ) to ) my thoughts . It’s very helpful to see patterns and recognize when our ego is leading “the dance “ . We can get to know ourselves on a much deeper level and it is here that we adjust the mind to a much better vibration and again become less attached to the thought itself . I love you and how you aim to make peace with your mind and body . As it’s the only place we must live while on this earth . The mind can be our great ally or our enemy . Through the process of becoming self aware we can live in peace . Hari Om – love and miss you – Nicole

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