Personality – What is it ??

You are your genetic code plus all of the good and bad things that have ever happened in your life . You are the praise and the criticism that have been put upon you . You are the love that has brightened your life and the rejection that has floored you . You are the color of your skin, the shape of your body and the way you move through life .
– Most of all you are your own unique view and reaction to life .
You look at life through your own lens .
No one sees life the same way you do . Your perception of the world around you becomes your reality .
Know yourself . As Plato says “The life which is unexamined is not worth living”
This quote points to the importance of examining , understanding and loving who we are . Examining ourselves keeps us from stumbling blindly along our way . By never pondering what made me smile, what made me cry, what makes me eat poorly , what brings me joy , what do I love about being in nature , why do I love being successful in my career , what do I love about being a mother , what would I never want anyone to know about me …. By never investigating what makes us tick we move ignorantly through our days. This information is helpful in keeping us in balance physically , emotionally , spiritually , financially and in our relationships . It’s also fun and exciting to explore ourselves. Ask yourself questions and answer yourself honestly , then accept the answer as it is at this time in your life . That same question will be answered 50 different ways throughout our time on this earth . How fun is it to explore yourself without judgement . Without feeling the need for your findings to be any different than they are .
Going back to my earlier discoveries about our intellect ( I’ll post that someday ) – you control your thoughts therefore you have the ability to control your interpretation of the world around you . We move through life guided by what we find important at the time . Always sacrificing something for another . Notice those things . It’s here you will find your purpose ( I will get into,that on a different post ) within your choices lies the answer to your life’s purpose . Look closely . It’s there. The common denominator in all of your actions .
Within all of these experiences and our relationship with them , drizzled with some past life experiences -including our soul growth lesson in this lifetime , we have our ” persona “, who we present ourselves to be to the world around us ! So beautiful and so much fun to notice, get to know and accept “as is” in any given moment . Always looking for the lesson , learning , changing , evolving . …. But the ” whole” never changes . It’s who you truly are . A beautiful perfect soul navigating this messy human world . Stumbling your way closer to the state of absolute bliss .

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