“The Mind” – something I wrote quickly last evening before falling asleep .

Those that are afraid of silence and stillness are minds that are filled with chaos – they become addicted to the emotions , the fluctuations and the distractions to avoid the discomfort of the stillness. This is a common place for many -Though I would think all of us are here at different times in life . In our current society our senses are on overload all the time – we never truly rest our minds , even during sleep . To rest the mind we must direct it , give it somewhere to go . Without direction it will flutter all over the place . If truly immersed in the present moment your mind will not flutter . Roping and bringing in the mind is the key to a peaceful mind . In order to begin to calm the mind we must first notice it’s tendencies , begin to become aware of the mind . Observe it as if you are a voyuer . . Observe your mind without judging what you are noticing . Not labeling any thoughts or fluctuations as good or bad , just notice them . Notice how you feel . Do your thoughts bring on feelings of joy or does that thought bring on anxiety and restlessness . Notice the triggers for each reaction. Realize our goal is not to only feel joy or the “higher vibration” happy emotions , but to experience each of them for what they are – a small ripple in the mind which does not change “the whole” . It’s fascinating to observe from an “outsider stand point “ and very entertaining as well ! To observe our own mind without attachment to the emotions, without “becoming” them provides us extreme freedom . Randomly throughout your day consciously observe your mind much as you would watch a movie . Practice this daily . Once this awareness becomes a natural state, the mind becomes more restful , peaceful and is no longer in control of you . Once we become acutely aware of the fluctuations of our minds we can begin to build a healthy relationship with it and begin to “adjust” it . This ability will allow us a feeling of calm and peace regardless of the chaos or disappointments around us . When we recognize we have the choice and the ability to remain in a state of contentment and that this state of contentment is NOT externally dependent, we are on the path of yoga . ✌️💚- Hari Om Nicole Depauw

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