What’s this all about ??

When we begin to see ourselves as a soul having a human experience we can begin to accept all earthly things and experiences without needing for them to be any different than they are . Knowing for a reason, unseen by us at the time, that all is exactly as it should be for us to achieve this growth . We are on this earth to simply experience and grow within .All while greatly respecting The Whole (= that ) When we meet someone and recognize them as an “old soul” what we are saying is that they have wisdom beyond their years . They have somehow learned certain things which have to be experienced in order to learn and we wonder at how they know this. We can clearly see that they “know” it through experience , not through a book, but as though they have had life experiences which are beyond their years ,Our goal as a human is to grow and evolve as a soul . Each circumstance handed to us in our lives has a deeper purpose , each one is an opportunity for soul growth . The pleasant and not so pleasant . All of it is to be experienced with the same “enthusiasm” . There is a lesson and growth to be had in all of it …. and when we get past THIS particular experience there will be another one and another one …. each soul is on its own unique journey, yet we are all connected . Just as we are connected with all else on this earth . What we do affects all the rest . Our actions , our words , our use of the resources provided . It all affects the whole . On an energy level. Our energy blends with all the energy of the matter around us and creates a universal being , universal consciousness , universal love . We are “That ” . We are not separate from “That” but an integral and beautifully unique part of “That” , the whole . We are part of what makes up this divine love, this divine consciousness, we are not separate from that , we are a part of “that” .We are THAT . All matter is made of energy , which all blends together and creates this enormous vibration . All the vibrations, of all the different frequencies , blending together creating the whole . That universal vibration makes the sound OM . Those that are very empathetic experience this universal consciousness , this universal vibration much more deeply and personally than some others do.. Feeling the emotion , pain , joy and general vibration of all the parts with much more awareness . It can be very difficult to navigate this , but as we begin to lift the veils and reveal our true self , it becomes navigable, we begin to see this truth, the whole , in all we do . We recognize “the whole” and how we are affected by it and how we are affecting it . We begin to smile back at human selves when we see our ego and human side leading the dance of life . We most often choose to shift to a better vibration… yet sometimes we choose to stay in it and suffer until we surrender and learn what we need to learn to advance to the next level in our growth . Sometimes we become stuck and it takes great sadness and “ stuckness” to propel ourselves forward . Forward to where we will once again realize and Know , with a capital k , that all this earth stuff is meant to be experienced and not to be attached to .Then we once again progress forward in experiencing the beauty of our existence on earth . Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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