Purpose of Duality ? There must be a reason we feel separate right ?? Why , what is the value ?

Purpose of duality ?? What is it ? There must be a purpose for us to all feel separate right ?? Why ??
The subject-object relationship is an important concept in yoga and tantra. Most people live in accordance with the subject-object perspective of duality without ever realizing that there is any other way of viewing life. However, in yoga we are very careful about making this distinction, because the ability is there to perceive the unity behind the diversity. Although the yogi understands the absolute truth, he also accepts the relative truth of the subject-object relationship and the purpose for this awareness. If the awareness of duality is common to everybody, it must have some definite purpose; it cannot exist by accident or coincidence. The perception of duality is a stage of evolution, which every individual must pass through on his journey to enlightenment. Of course, this subject-object awareness of duality is also the cause of division, disharmony, unhappiness and sorrow. We are born to experience unity, not separation. That is our birthright and the sooner we realize it the better. For this reason, one has to be very alert about how he views life and interacts with the world. Although yogis understand the mundane experiences in relation to duality, at the same time the transcendental reality is seen and one is never identified or confused with the events of life. In this way, one lives in the world but remains untouched by it. Although people think human birth is for achieving things in the material world, the real purpose of birth as human is to rise above the perception of duality and experience unity. …. or so I believe ✌️

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